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I think if Hayley Williams sang directly at me I’d cum.


Every warrior needs his rest…

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You know what sounds good ?

Some head,some butt on my face,pretty girl to lay on my chest and a good movie.



Why did an anti feminism blog with a guy fawkes mask as an avatar follow me I don’t like feminism but that doesn’t mean I like 4chan homies either

People still wear guy Fawkes masks


What Cities Would Look Like Without Lights

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Did this old faggit just call me an asshole.
Talk shit to my face old man. I’ll clean your fuckin clock and steal yo girl.
Wearin fuckin a sleeveless T.
White ass Richard Simmons


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The homemade weapons Ukrainians used against armed forces

With no previous experience in combat, lack of military training and limited access to conventional weapons, the protesters who filled the city’s central square had to use other methods of defending themselves against the government’s ruthless riot police.

Talented filmmaker Vanessa Black examined the range of homemade weapons used throughout the revolution for PolicyMic. Speaking to Maidan’s self-defense unit, Black uncovered the types of explosives and makeshift weapons protesters donned.

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Combustion Type Potato Gun FTW

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